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Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-06 um

The Cedar Nut. The Queen of the Taiga

GEO Reportage / 51min / 2019 / D: Gordian Arneth / P: Medienkontor Film GmbH

The Altai Mountains are located within Russia, Kasachstan, China and Mongolia: nowadays the region is still quite isolated. The people live in the different valleys scattered over the mountain region.

In september the locals get ready for the cedar nut harvest. Amongst them Aronat Bakchukow and his family. Together with his father, his younger brother and his brother in law 24-year-old Aronat will travel

high up to the mountains in order to pick the taps directly from the trees.

The men climb up the trees without any equipment. Their work is dangerous and tough. In the beginning of september the temperature can fall below zero degree and often the men spend several 

weeks sleeping outside in a tent. Still the harvest draws many neighbours and seasonal pickers from the cities into the mountains. The harvest provides an extra income which is very welcome for

many Siberians.

After the harvest Aronat will - for the first time in his life - leave his hometown and travel to Novosibirsk in order to take an internship in a factory. With the money from this internship he wants to buy his own

horse. How will he manage himself in the city and will he return to his hometown?

directed by GORDIAN ARNETH  cinematography CARLA MURESAN  sound BIANCA SCHULZE   


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