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I was born in Timisoara/Romania in 1981 and was raised in Romania and Germany. My background in

Fine Art, Documentary Photography, Philosophy and Music influences my approach to visual storytelling.

From 2009 til 2017 I did my studies in cinematography at the University for Television and Film Munich.

I have always been searching for a holistic approach to the people in front and behind my camera and I

appreciate the visual expression that emerges from this approach - no matter if I work in fiction or

documentary. Anyways the borders between documentary and fiction are constantly floating and somehow

the one cannot exist without the other: In documentary it´s about how to focus and fictionalise in a world full

of chaos, in fiction it´s about finding authenticity in an artificial setting and inbetween there's lands of possibilities.

I love to work on projects that aim to bring awareness to women´s rights issues around the globe and I´m

convinced that nowadays we still might talk about and fight for what I here call "women´s rights issues" but

in the future we will realize that women´s rights issues are our all issues and by taking this responsibility,

we will empower ourselves to move forward into a future of dignity and respect for all beings.

I live in Berlin, Munich and in the countryside somewhere in the middle of Germany.

I work all around the globe and I´m a member of "Cinematographinnen" - Women Cinematographer's Network.


+49 (0)163 5733350


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