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Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-06 um

I was born in Timisoara/Romania in 1981 and was raised in Romania and Germany. My background in Fine Art, Documentary Photography, Philosophy and Music influences my approach to visual storytelling. From 2009 til 2017

I did my studies in cinematography at the University for Television and Film Munich.

I am a cinematographer and filmmaker, fiction-documentary-crossover-projects specialist, a highly creative visual

artist and empathic human being who loves communication and creative exchange. I have a unique ability to go

with the flow and incorporate the existing and changing circumstances. That's a set of skills I gained through my

work on documentary movies. Over the course of the last years I was able to take my experiences from

documentary over into my work on fiction movies. I am extremely passionate about the process in which ideas

transform into visualization and I love working in an intimate, focused and creative relationship with my directors.

I am engaged with projects that aim to bring awareness to various topics of our modern, contemporary society: with directors Franziska Schönenberger and Jay Subramanian I am preparing a feature for German cinemas: an indian-german-culture-clash-love-story. With director Marcel Seehuber I am preparing the cinema documentary „LET’S GET EXTINCT“ on the topic of „Over-population“. My latest work, the documentary VOICES FROM THE FIRE by award

winning director Helen Simon is a high quality creative cinema documentary on the topic of „Human Trafficking“.

The movie will start it’s festival tour in 2022 and will be screened in German cinemas thereafter.

And one last thing: I Iove to work on projects that aim to bring awareness to women´s rights issues around the globe

and I´m convinced that nowadays we still might talk about and fight for what I here call "women´s rights issues" but

in the future we will realize that women´s rights issues are our all issues and by taking this responsibility, we will

empower ourselves to move forward into a future of dignity and respect for all beings.

I live in Berlin, Munich and in the countryside somewhere in the middle of Germany.

I work all around the globe and I´m a member of  German Society of Cinematographers BVK and of "Cinematographinnen" - Women Cinematographer's Network.


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